The Smart Identity Verification and Attendance Management solution (Smart-IVA) is an innovative and highly configurable attendance management system that allows schools to effectively and efficiently monitor the attendance and punctuality of their students and staff to school, classes and other designated school events and have the attendance information available from a central point on the Smart-IVA Portal which is accessible through the internet. The update of attendance information to the Smart-IVA Portal is automatically done by the Smart-IVA Attendance devices also known as Smart-IVA Readers. The system offers features for automatically alerting parents and guardians of the students and designated school management staff via SMS and Email on lateness or early exit of students or staff. Attendance is automatically registered when students or staff swipe or tap their Smart-IVA Cards which also double as Identification Cards, on the Smart-IVA Readers.

Smart-IVA offers attendance management of Students, Staff and Parents or Guardians of students and pupils in schools for enhance security, accountability and safety.

Student Attendance Management

Do away with paper registers and attendance books that can be easily forged. Now you can monitor attendances for practically any school event, classes and what have you with ZERO paper work or stress for the school teachers.

Staff Attendance Management

Smart-IVA lets your school staff or corporate employees to clock in and clock out in a matter of seconds with the Smart-IVA card and offers far better results for punctuality than the paper attendance or register book which can be forged. You can monitor work attendance, exit permissions, class attendance and even event attendance for teachers and other staff in your school.

Parent Attendance Management

With Smart-IVA, parents get alerts and notifications via email and SMS for the drop off and pickup of their children from school. School security and student safety is further enhanced because no parent, guardian or messenger is able to pickup a child from the school without a valid Smart-IVA card which is capable of storing up to 5 photo pictures to verify the identity and authenticity of the person desiring to pickup the child.

In these days of security challenges, Smart-IVA puts the mind of parents with children in schools at ease.

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