Outsourcing Services

Our Outsourcing Services include educational and skill-based assessments, measurements and evaluations for schools and organizations, educational surveys and data collation and analysis.

Our Educational and Skill-Based Assessment services are available to schools or organizations that require us to use our technology-driven assessment tools and professional expertise to assess a large number of students, candidates or applicants using agreed criteria. Some of these large-scale assessments include but are not limited to pre-admission screening assessments, pre-employment screening assessments, school entrance examinations and scholarship examinations.

We also offer services for the conduct of Educational Surveys, Data Collation and Analysis through a wide variety of delivery platforms and medium such as the Internet, Mobile, Computer and Print media.

Training Services

We offer Training Services to Private Schools, State Governments, Ministries and Agencies for their teachers on computer-based assessments and effective use of technology, teaching and learning aids.

There are numerous benefits to students, teachers and schools from the efficient and effective use of technology in education. However, a large number of teachers do not have the requisite knowledge in the areas to effectively apply or harness the use of technology in education thus depriving their students and the school as a whole from the many benefits of these technologies. We bridge this gap by providing Training Services to familiarize teachers with these technological tools such as computer-based assessments, teaching and learning aids and help them develop the requisite knowledge and capacity to effectively utilize these tools for the benefits of their students and the school as a whole.