EasiPREP QuestionMaker is a computer-based assessment solution that allow schools and organizations to conduct and administer computer-based examinations, tests and assessments using their own questions.

Why EasiPREP QuestionMaker?

Computer-based assessments offer cost and time savings in the administration of examinations. Questions can be easily re-used, examination malpractices eliminated and tests and examinations conducted more frequently to identify and improve on learning gaps among other benefits. EasiPREP QuestionMaker for schools also come bundled with over 30,000 past questions and answers covering over 20 subjects for Senior Secondary Certificate Examination of the West African Examination Council (WAEC SSCE) and the National Examination Council (NECO SSCE) and the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination of the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB UTME). This pool of bundled questions can also be used in the system for assessments and tests for the students.

How Does It Work?

EasiPREP QuestionMaker consists of the EasiPREP CBT Server, CBT Client and CBT Remote softwares. The EasiPREP CBT Server is installed on a high performance computer to which the client computers that will be used by students are connected through a wired or wireless network.

For the Client-Less Operation Mode, students can connect to the CBT Server using any internet browser like Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer or Google Chrome, provide their login details and access the relevant examinations, tests and assessments. This mode allow students to take assessments with Android Tablets and iPads in addition to personal computers and laptops.

For the Secured Operation Mode, students start the CBT Client on their computers which is then used to connect to the CBT Server and then the students provide their login details and access the relevant examinations, tests and assessments.
EasiPREP QuestionMaker automatically times students for all the examination or assessment sessions and automatically grade the multiple-choice questions with the results available in Microsoft Excel and CVS formats.

Teachers can create questions using the CBT Remote from their computers which is on the same network with the CBT Server and easily upload their questions to the CBT Server database using the CBT Remote. The CBT Remote can also be used by teachers to grade essay questions that have been answered and submitted by the clients on the EasiPREP QuestionMaker.

EasiPREP QuestionMaker also supports the authoring of questions using any standard text editor in a pre-defined format as well as using Microsoft Word to author questions with images and diagrams!

Product Features

  • Automatic questions and answers shuffling to prevent cheating
  • Support for multiple question types and up to 5 answer options including essay questions and fill-in-the-gap
  • Remote question authoring and multiple question import formats
  • Students can skip and review questions just like normal exams
  • Support for diagrams and equations for science subjects in questions and answer options
  • Exams and test sessions audit log for academic accountability
  • Results export to Excel and CSV formats and many other features…

Benefits and Applications

EasiPREP QuestionMaker offers numerous benefits to schools and institutions adopting it. Some of these benefits include:

  • Cost savings in examination materials and administration
  • Time and cost savings in grading and collating results
  • Ideal for CA Test, Mock Examinations and Instant Class Assessments
  • Reduce or eradicate cheating and examination malpractices
  • Administration of examinations with minimal supervision and invigilation
  • Ideal for HR and Staff Assessments and Pre-Employment Screening Tests and Exams

How To Get Started

For more information about the EasiPREP QuestionMaker solution, send us an email or call us using the contact information provided on the Contact Us page.