EasiPREP software products can be downloaded using any of the relevant links below and installed on any computer running Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 and Windows 11.

EasiPREP CBT Student Edition Downloads

EasiPREP CBT Student Edition are expected to be installed on a computer for personal use by individual students.

EasiPREP CBT Single User Demo
Demonstration or Evaluation edition with limited usage time
5.27 MB
EasiPREP CBT UTME 2024 Edition
JAMB UTME only examination preparation package
22.34 MB
EasiPREP CBT Premium 2024 Edition
JAMB UTME and WAEC/NECO SSCE combined examination preparation package
40.86 MB
EasiPREP CBT SSCE 2024 Edition
WAEC and NECO SSCE only examination preparation package
42.41 MB
EasiPREP CBT Student Edition User Manual 1.17 MB
EasiPREP CBT School Edition Downloads

EasiPREP CBT School Edition are to be installed in school computer labs with wired or wireless network for use by multiple students in the school for school assessments, tests and examination preparation.

EasiPREP CBT Server Edition
Central CBT Server installation with network connection to the client computers
101.30 MB
EasiPREP CBT Client Edition
For Students to take tests or examinations on the CBT Server in a secured mode
4.59 MB
EasiPREP CBT Remote Edition
For Teachers to author and upload questions to the EasiPREP CBT Server
6.44 MB
EasiPREP CBT Web Extension
Extend CBT Server for use with internet browsers like Firefox and Google Chrome
3.83 MB
EasiPREP CBT School Edition User Manual 3.57 MB

Please contact the EasiPREP Sales Team using contact information on this website if you have any issues with the downloaded software products.