If you were to ask any experienced teacher or seasoned examiner his or her opinion about the once ubiquitous Past Question series examination preparation booklets for JAMB Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (JAMB UTME) and Senior Secondary Certificate Examination of West African Examination Council (WAEC SSCE) and National Examination Council (NECO SSCE), the most common response is that the Series usually contain errors and are not always academically accurate. It is also not uncommon for serious and brilliant students to detect some of the errors in these booklets. This simply implies that the series cannot be fully relied upon.

The reality is that for most of these booklets if not all of them, the answers to the questions were prepared by people who are not necessarily experienced teachers or examiners. Furthermore, the booklets are rarely if ever review in newer editions to correct errors in the content and the production quality of these booklets and packaging clearly leave so much to be desired that any expectation of quality assurance on the academic content can more or less be likened to a pipe dream.

Surprisingly, the larger majority of the computer-based examination preparation packages available in the market for JAMB UTME in the wake of the computerization of the examination have the origin of their content in these Past Question Series Booklets! The importation of the content of these booklets into these computer-based programs have been without regard for the errors and academic mistakes inherent in these booklets.

It is quite unfortunate that most students, their parents and even schools are not discerning at all in their choice of patronizing these computer-based examination preparation package vendors. While many would think twice before patronizing roadside food vendors, the same level of scrutiny is not applied to the educational content their wards and children are feeding on! The downside is that just as bad food gradually destroys the good health and immune system of a child, so also these badly cooked-academic content slowly destroys what should be sound academic foundation for these students feeding on them!

For parents and schools, the next time you are making a choice of computer-based examination preparation package for your wards and students, you need to exercise more caution and due diligence to be sure you are not going to be killing the academic foundation of your students one question at a time!

This is one reason why we keep emphasizing that EasiPREP CBT examination preparation packages are in a class of their own; the academic content have been reviewed by our team of consulting teachers who are all experienced teachers and season examiners.